Tips for Small Bathroom

By | 25/08/2017

Bathroom is a room that not only for taking a bath. You can also go to the bathroom when you need to refresh your body and mind. The design of bathroom should be considered because it will determine how the appearance your bathroom is. You probably argue that bathroom must be spacious. Indeed, if you have spacious bathroom, you can freely put many items in your bathroom. However, how about small bathroom? It usually becomes the problem for many homeowners. Don’t worry, in this post I have some tips for small bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, you should pay attention to several things. Let’s check it out!

1. Color for small bathroom
Color is the main point for the room. Color can influence the mood of homeowners. You have to be careful when you want to apply color in your home because if you get wrong, it will be bad. Especially for small bathroom, I suggest you apply bright colors. Bright colors will make your small bathroom look more spacious and fresh.

2. Decoration for small bathroom
Indeed, by applying decoration, it can make your bathroom look nicer. But, if you have a small bathroom design, it is better you don’t apply too much decoration because it can make your small bathroom look crowded. Just apply simple decorations, such as flower, life plant, or aromatherapy candle.

3. Storage for small bathroom
Especially for small bathroom, you should be smart in arranging the bathroom storage. Indeed, you don’t have a lot of spaces in your small bathroom. So, you also have to adjust the bathroom cabinet with the width of your bathroom. Or, you can use overhead space for bathroom storage.

Those are some tips for small bathroom. Just try it at your home!

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