Tips on Making Fake Flower

By | 18/09/2017

Hello girls, you know that flower is something beautiful. Flower is related to love, happiness, and friendship. Flower can make anything to be amazing. Likewise home interior, flower is very appropriate to apply for home interior. You home interior will look beautiful and colorful. How lucky you are, if you have flower garden around your home. You can pick some flowers and make it to be flower arrangement. But, what if you do not have flower garden? Don’t worry girls, making fake flower is a great idea. How to make fake flower? In this post, I will share you about some tips on making fake flower. Let’s check it out!

1. Firstly, you have to find some examples of fake flower. You can find it from books or internet. You can see some pictures and tutorials of how to make fake flower.

2. You have to prepare some materials and tools. Fake flower can be made of wrapping paper and many kinds of fabrics, such as silk, cotton, chiffon, lace, etc. And, you need some tools, such as scissors, glue, needle, thread, etc.

3. There are two methods of making fake flower. Those are sewing method and sticking method. Sewing method needs more expertness. You can learn it more and more, see many tutorials. Meanwhile, sticking method is easier. You can invite your kids to make it.

4. What kind of flower do you want to make? There are many kinds of flowers that you can make as fake flower, such as rose, daisy, hibiscus, tulip, etc. Diverse mix of attractive colors, it will be beautiful.

5. Put fake flower in the vase, pot, or container. Then, you can apply in any rooms. Choose the space that looks beautiful for applying fake flower, such as on the window, on the dining table, on the corner space, etc.

Those are some tips on making fake flower. Don’t worry if you do not have real flower, fake flower is also beautiful.

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