Tips on Making a Beautiful Flower Arrangement

By | 21/09/2017

Hi girls, do you like flower? I think you will say ‘yes”. Indeed, flower is the reflection of woman. Flower is beautiful. Flower describes about happiness, friendship, and love. Maybe, you often find a man gives a bouquet of red roses to his woman. Is it romantic, right? Not Only that, flower can also be used for the decoration of your home. Actually, you can apply fake flower for the decoration, but I think it doesn’t look fresh. It is better you apply life flower. But, sometimes you are confused of how to make a beautiful flower arrangement. Don’t worry, in this post I share some tips for you about making a beautiful flower arrangement. Let’s check it out!

Firstly, you have collect some flowers. You are so lucky if you have a flower garden. The flower that can be made flower arrangement is various, such as rose, peony, daisy, tulip, etc. You can pick many kinds of flowers in your own garden. Pick flowers with different colors, so it will create a beautiful look. Picking flower is better in the morning, when it still looks fresh and watery.

After you pick some flowers, you can start to make a beautiful flower arrangement. You have to cut the little stem to make it look tidier. Then, prepare a container. The container can be made of glass, ceramic, plastic, wood, or rattan. For the plant media, it depends on the container that you use. If you use glass or ceramic, you can pour the water into the container. Meanwhile, if you use plastic, wood, or rattan, you can put some soil in it. Then, you can put the flowers in the container. You can mix flowers with different colors, then arrange it neatly. Finally, a beautiful flower arrangement is ready to be displayed. You can put flower arrangement in particular spaces, such as on the corner table in the living room, on the dining table, on the window, or in the bathroom.

Those are some tips on making a beautiful flower arrangement. It makes your home look more beautiful and fresh.

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