Tips on Creating Sunroom

By | 31/08/2017

Do you know that sunlight is good for your health? I think you have known about it. Yeah, sunlight contains vitamin D that is very useful for the health of skin and bone. But, the good sunlight is in the morning. You can get it when you do exercise outdoor. Actually, you can also get morning sunlight from indoor. Therefore, you need to have a sunroom in your home. When you want to crate a sunroom, there are several things that you should do. Here, I have some tips on creating sunroom. Here the tips:

1. You should have a room that will become a sunroom. The size of room is not a problem, you can use a large room or a small room. I suggest the room should be facing east because it will be easier to get the morning sunlight.

2. The design of sunroom is the important point. Sunroom does not have brick wall. You should install many glass windows and glass doors. It aims in order the sunlight can come through the glass window well. You can install curtains to protect it from UV light at noon.

3. Meanwhile for the roof, it doesn’t matter if you choose roof tile. But, I think it will be better if you choose skylight roof because there will be more sunlight that comes to the sunroom.

4. You need to apply furniture in the sunroom. Make your sunroom look like living room. You can apply simple sofa, chair, and table.

5. Sunroom is not attractive without decoration. Potted plants and flowers can be used as the decoration. It will make sunroom feel fresh.

Those are some tips about sunroom. Having sunroom is recommended for you. It is good for your health.

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