Space Wall Mural Ideas For Kids Room Decor

By | 30/07/2013

Space Wall Mural Ideas For Kids Room Decor is an alternative theme to undersea wall mural inĀ  my previous post. If your kids don’t like sea theme , maybe a space wall mural will make them like their room. You can draw / paint about planets, moon, stars, space craft or may be with an astronaut. Kids usually like this theme and sometimes some of them may be want to be an astronaut in the future.

Bellow you can see some space wall mural that can give you ideas to decorate your kids room with space wall mural theme

SpaceWall Mural painting for kids Bedroom

space wall mural paiting ideas for kids room decoration

Space Wallpaper Mural inspiration

space wall mural in a kids room

outer space wall mural theme kids room