Simple Inspiration For Small Living Room Ideas

By | 25/07/2012

White Sofa For Simple Living Room Ideas

The more rarely guests visited the house to make some people do not make a living at his home, and replace it with a family room.

Brown Sofa For Simple Living Room Ideas
In a small house, of course, small-sized living room as well. Therefore, do not meet the living room with furniture. Use furniture that needed it. Simply provide two 2 seat sofa, a sofa 1 seat, and tables. If the remaining space can be added to the corner table. Do not also use a large sofa, because the sofa is too big and too much will make space become even more cramped and crowded.

Yellow White Color Simple Living Room Ideas
Where the sofa should be placed? If possible, the sofa can be propped against the wall so that the space looks relieved. If not possible, lean one measuring at large sofa. Importantly, the placement does not interfere with the flow of circulation from the entrance to other rooms.

Black Sofa Simple Living Room Ideas
To create a slightly different style, try to use two different sofa. The difference here can mean different shapes, different designs, or color differences. To bridge two different sofa, look for a red thread between the two. The common thread is usually a color.