Showing Vintage Look through French Country Kitchen Design

By | 09/09/2017

Hi everybody, what is your favorite room in your home? Is it kitchen included? It might be yes. Indeed, kitchen can be a room for gathering and having nice talks with your family. You can make some delicious foods with your family, or just wait for your mother is cooking while you are enjoying a cup of coffee. Talking about kitchen, there are many kitchen designs that offered by many interior designers. One of them is French country kitchen design. What does it look like? Let’s talk about it!

French country kitchen design comes from western country. Many people there, especially who live in the village, apply this kitchen design. French kitchen design is modest, but chic. If you want to bring the vintage look to your kitchen, French country kitchen design is a perfect choice.

You can see the items in French country kitchen design, those items look vintage, right? French country kitchen design is dominated with wood material. Kitchen cabinet, kitchen countertop, and kitchen flooring usually use wood material. So, it means that you can imagine the dominant colors of French country kitchen are brown, beige, cream, white, and black. It looks awesome.

Vintage kitchen appliances are also necessary to be used in French country kitchen design. Pot, pan, jar, plate, glass, cup, spoon, and any other kitchen appliances can be found easily in the market. Besides that, applying vintage decoration is necessary too. Chic curtain, potted flowers, and vintage hanging lighting are the examples of vintage decoration. Of course, the vintage look will be more visible.

So, what is your opinion about French country kitchen design?

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