Tips: Minimalist Interior Design Color

By | 29/09/2012

minimalist room design ideasThe interior design is minimalist themed currently much in demand by home owners. Since the minimalist style has a clean, simple, elegant, and modern impressed. So, for those who love the cozy atmosphere of a neat, minimalist design can you present to the interior of the house.

To bring a minimalist theme on the interior, one important element to note is the blend color is applied. The colors are then combined with furniture and accessories that have a simple design without a lot of ornaments that decorate. Here are some tips on interior design with minimalist style:

  1. Choose a color theme to be designed minimalist. One color minimalist theme often enough people are neutral colors.
  2. Color gray or silver could be the right choice. Put a silver metal color on some walls of the room and sharpen with a texture motif wall rocks in some others.
  3. Minimalist home interior furniture of the room required to use the same style. White and colors can be selected to minus motives room furniture.
  4. Adjust accessories room with minimalist interior design theme. White and silver could still be the dominant color.
  5. Use an accent color only on one side of the room only.
  6. Use solid colors for the color of the carpet, sofa spring bed, etc., would be more comfortable if the color of furniture tailored to the color of the walls in the room.
  7. Limit the use of color variation in one room 1 or 2 colors only.
  8. Functionally minimalist interior design show only those things that are important and benefits, so that the core rather than the minimalist design is evident practical, elegant, and benefits.
  9. If you are using elemental iron stair railings or windows, must harmonize form and character, it would be more elegant when using horizontal or vertical stripes motif.