Making Wooden Letters for Beautifying Room Interior

By | 17/09/2017

Hi guys, you know that beautifying room interior is a delightful activity. That’s right! So, don’t stop yourself to always look for many ideas in beautifying room interior. In this post, I share you about wooden letters. Yeah, applying wooden letters is one of ideas that can make your room interior look more beautiful. I think all of you like to show your name or a nice word in your private room. It will look nicer by applying wooden letters. Here, I have some instruction of how to make wooden letters. You can invite your kids to make it. Let’s check it out!

1. The main material of making wooden letters is wood. You can choose the best quality wood in order to be more durable and give the best result. Prepare the other materials and tools, such as saw, sandpaper, ruler, pen, wrap paper, glue, paint, beads, ribbons, etc.

2. Draw the design of letters that you want on the wood. Then, you can cut off the wood by following the line by using saw.

3. After that, you have to sandpaper it to make the surface feel smoother.

4. Wooden letters are ready. It’s time to design it beautifully. Just explore your creativity to design it. You can paint it or layer it with wrap paper. Then, you can add some little things, such as beads, ribbon, etc.

5. Now, wooden letters are ready to be applied for your room interior. You can put it on fireplace mantel or hang it on the wall.

Those are some instruction of making wooden letters. It is beautiful for room interior. Just try at your home, guys!

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