How to Choose Wood Wardrobe For Your Bedroom

By | 02/08/2012

Three Doors Wooden Wardrobe Design IdeasHow big is your bedroom? And what kind of wood do you want? The question will surely come when you will choose a wooden wardrobe for the bedroom you.

Wooden Wardrobe Design Modern Large Brown IdeasThe first is the size of the wooden wardrobe that you want. If you are looking for a wardrobe that is so, there are three sizes available, 1 door, 2 doors and 3 doors. The difference lies in size, if size for 2-door 2-fold the size of the size of a door.

Wooden Stripes Wardrobe Luxury Design IdeasIf you only have a bedroom that is not so large, the size 2 wardrobe doors may be sufficient. Having already determined the size of wooden wardrobe, and drawers required functionality, it’s time to determine the most suitable wood species for your bedroom.

Simple And Naturally Design Wooden Wardrobe IdeasThe next step, namely to choose the type of wood for your wood cabinets. Wood species of oak and pine trees are the most popular. Pine is a very good choice and make it a flexible option. Popular type of wood from pine trees, you’ll have no trouble to look for additional furniture pieces in a similar style to add your wooden wardrobe.