Four Kinds of Kitchen Countertop

By | 26/07/2012

Many people often do not consider what type of kitchen counter. Some kind of kitchen counter of the most widely used for today, I will try to review. I will review the four kinds of kitchen counter, including:

Kitchen Countertop Ideas From Granite
Kitchen counter made of granite. Is a popular choice in my opinion. Granite is the densest objects of some existing natural stone. Granite has its own beauty and durability, therefore granite is resistant to scratches sharp objects, like knives.

Kitchen Countertop IdeasFrom Marble
Kitchen counter made of marble. Marble is very expensive, if you have extra costs for your kitchen, marble fitting choice. But extra care is also needed if you use materials of this type of marble for your kitchen.

Kitchen Countertop Ideas From Slate
Kitchen counter is made of slate. Slate, but used as a kitchen table, can also be used for interior walls in the kitchen. You can use slate for a modern or traditional kitchen design. Slate is more affordable than you use marble material.

Kitchen Countertop Ideas From Concrete
Kitchen counter made of concrete is one of the most popular material. Concrete is a good choice for your kitchen. But for the cost used is also quite large.

From some reviews I mentioned above, consider the function and design according to your kitchen.