Easy and Affordable To A Living Room Decoration

By | 25/07/2012

Living Room Small And Simple  Design Ideas

Most people, probably including you, assume that it costs a lot to make a comfortable living room. Though not as well. If it was not enough cost, less any furniture. Do not worry, though a little furniture, living room will still be able to feel comfortable.

Living Room Small Simple Concept Ideas
First, you have to do is cross out some of the furniture from your list. For example streak sofa and coffee table. Without these two furniture, living room can appear more spacious, more comfortable too of course.

Living Room Small Simple Decorating Ideas
The next step, replace the bean bag sofa and a bench of synthetic wicker. Two furniture before, easily moved. Light weight, its size was not large. He cried again, was synthetic wicker bench, could function well as a small table.

Living Room Small Simple Decor Ideas

So, the family room still felt relieved, although the presence of both. Let more compact again, avoid choosing a television shelf that are large and heavy. Use shelves only. Let the family room as sweet, add the carpet.