Curtain for Living Room Interior

By | 24/08/2017

Living room is a nice place for gathering with your family or guests. It is a primary room that used to welcome the people who enter to your home. Therefore, living room should have a beautiful interior. Applying curtain is one way to make a beautiful living room interior.

Actually, the main purpose of applying curtain is to reduce the natural light that comes to the room. Indeed, if you have glass window, the natural light will be easy to come through the glass window. Moreover at noon, it feels hot and looks dazzled. So, applying curtain is necessary. The other function of curtain is for oil and dust retention, and noise absorption. And, the most important is curtain can also make your home look nicer.

How about curtain for your living room? Curtain comes in various types. Those are patterned fabric curtain, lightweight fabric curtain, medium-weight fabric curtain, and heavyweight fabric curtain. When you want to apply curtain for your living room, firstly you have to see how the appearance of your living room is.

If your living room has minimalist decor, patterned fabric curtain is very appropriate. It can make your living room more cheerful. Patterned fabric curtain comes in various styles, from floral fashions and striped styles to plaid varieties and animal prints.

Does your living room lack natural light? It is better you choose lightweight fabric curtain, such as lace, linen, and sheer cotton. It can do a lot to warm up your living room. However, if your living room receives more natural light, it is better you choose medium-weight fabric curtain or heavyweight fabric curtain. Medium-weight fabric curtain, such as cotton and canvas, will keep out of the cold and light. Meanwhile, heavyweight fabric curtain, such as suede, denim, tapestry, tweed, and velvet, will keep out the maximum light and also help to keep the heat in during the winter.

So, now you are able to choose the best curtain for your living room. Which one do you choose?

beige curtain for living room

brown curtain for living room

chic curtain for living room

classic curtain for living room

dark purple curtain for living room

floral patterned fabric curtain for living room

light green curtain for living roomlight green curtain for living room

patterned fabric curtain for living room

pink striped curtain for living room

yellow curtain for living room