Classic Living Room Design Ideas

By | 23/07/2012

Living room into a place that is often used to gather with other family members. The more comfortable the family room to support ambience of harmony.

There are several examples that may inspire you to build a living room with classic style.

Concept Living Room Classic Ideas Images

Brown color blend with the color combination of natural wood and green colors. Besides color, there are a variety of features that makes the family atmosphere of a classic. For example, a profile on the furniture. On one single chair, armrest decorate any profile. Combination of color, brown and gold. The presence of alloying elements and the profile of brown and gold colors that mark the application of classical elements.

Decorating Living Room Classic Ideas Images

Almost similar to the example of previous drawings, interior design for classic style, the seats are patterned image models such as batik or flowers. Bearings are light brown with dark brown color cast can warm seat guests who visit.

Decor Living Room Classic Ideas Images

Green color can also be combined with maroon red color. This style can be characterized by a modern classic. The combination of red marron visitors can warm your living room. With the addition of ornaments such as statues, chandeliers, and soft lighting add warmth to your living room.

Design Living Room Classic Ideas Photos

You can also make a dark blue color with russet or other warm colors that can be obtained by illumination with light decorations can be arranged. In order to enhance the warm, do not forget the fur carpet on the floor in blue to see which style you are looking for a classic style to your living room.