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Kids Bump Bed: Nice Bed for Kids

Do your kids have a special room for them? Of course, yes. Your kids should have a bedroom that not only used for sleeping, but it is also used for learning and playing. In kids bedroom, there should be many items. One of the main items is bed. There are many types of kids beds.… Read More »

Chalkboard: It’s Useful for Your Kids

Hello moms, do often find your kids are drawing or writing on the wall? I think it doesn’t matter, but it can make the wall become unattractive anymore. Therefore, it will be better if you give them a media that can be used for drawing and writing. Do you think it is a book? No,… Read More »

Princess Castle Bunk Bed Ideas

A princess castle theme flows throughout the room, unique castle bunk bed offers plenty of storage space for toys and collections, castle bedroom is a great way to give them a place they can call their own and you may just find your kid spending more time in there!. You can create a castle bedroom… Read More »

Cute Car Bed Pink Design For Girls Room

Today’s girls bedrooms are as varied as each girl’s personality with styles, colors and motifs in an endless range of possibilities, girls pink car bed your child will love the pink car bed.  It’s a wonderful idea for beds for when the kids give up the crib and get to sleep in a comfortable bed.… Read More »

Automotive Racing Car Bed Design

A design bedroom of automotive themed,  for a child who love the automotive world, especially cars. Bed design is not so different from a real car, only differ in size and function.  there are that resemble race cars  because the boys really love the car racing. Guaranteed your child will sleep comfortably, and your child… Read More »

Cartoon Bedding Theme For Kids Bedroom Ideas

Cartoon Bedding Theme For Kids Bedroom Ideas Kids are always love cartoons, movies or books. Decorate their room with cartoon themes are a good idea to make them feel happy and enjoy their room. One of the way to decorate kids room with cartoon is with bedding set that have pictures of cartoons. Bellow you… Read More »

Superhero Wall Decals For Boys Kids room

Boys kids room wall decor ideas with superhero wall decals theme Kids especially boy often like superhero characters, so decorating their room with superhero theme is a good idea. One of the easiest way is use removable wall stickers to decorate their wall, bellow you can see some superhero wall decals that often used in… Read More »

Disney Princes Wall Decals for Girl Room

Disney Princess characters are often favored by girls. most of them want to decorate their lovely room with disney princess character. If your daughter want disney princess theme to be a part of their room decor, the most easiest way is use wall decals / wall stickers. Bellow you can see some of Disney princess… Read More »

Basketball Wall Sticker For Kids Room Decor

Basketball Wall Sticker For Kids Room Decor. Kids especially boys are usually play basket as their favorite game and sport. Beside that sometimes they want to show how they like it by decor their room with basketball theme. One of the easiest way is install removable wall decals or sticker. If you have a plan… Read More »

Castle Bunk Beds Theme for Kids Room

Castle Bunk Beds Theme for Kids Room Click Here for Details   click here for details   click here for details   Click Here for Details   click here for details   click here for details   Click Here For Details   Click Here For Details   They are some ideas to decorate your kids… Read More »

Disney Princess Wall Mural For Girls Bedroom Decoration

Disney Princess Wall Mural For Girl Bedroom Decoration Girls are sometime want to feel like a princess. They have their own favorite princess character on their mind. Decorate their room with princess theme from walt disney will make them happy. Bellow you can see some girls bedroom that use disney princess wall mural for the… Read More »