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5 Cheap And Affordable Ideas For Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom makeover is a nice idea for a new appearance and eliminating boredom. Some people say changing bathroom design will take a lot of money. No, they are wrong! You should consider cheap ideas for bathroom makeover below. Accessories Decor your bathroom with new accessories such as new towel, mirror, rug and shower curtain. Consider… Read More »

Build a Nice Bathroom for Kids

Do you want to build a private bathroom for kids? There are three things you need to consider: theme, safety and kid-friendly ideas. Take a look all images below! Build a private bathroom for kids must consider three things just like explained from the first paragraph.

Build a Cool Bathroom for Boys

How to design bathroom for boys? There are many ways to do that, but the most important thing is deciding the theme. Three attractive themes for boys: pirate, cars and sports. Other ways to build a nice bathroom for boys are applying new themes such as surfing, bug land and underwater.

How to Build a Safety Bathroom for Disabled

Bathroom for disabled is totally different from normal people because there are several elements need to get full attention, start from the doorway, tub, shower, toilet, sink and vanity. When building bathroom for disabled, there are important equipment should be available such as grab bars, shower seat, shower heads, faucet handles, etc.

Bathroom Mirror: Add the Look of Bathroom

Bathroom is a room that not only used for taking a bath. Nowadays, many people use bathroom for relaxation room, when they feel very exhausted because of activities all day. Just soaking in the bathtub or having a nice shower, it can refresh your mind and body. Because bathroom is multifunction room, you should pay… Read More »

Bathroom Flooring: An Essential Part of Bathroom

In designing a room, you have to pay attention to all parts of room. Likewise designing a bathroom, all parts of bathroom should be paid attention in detail, one of them is bathroom flooring. You know that the look of bathroom flooring will influence to the look of bathroom. When you choose bathroom flooring that… Read More »

Some Ideas of Bathroom Decoration

Bathroom is one of the rooms that need high attention. Of course, you don’t want to have an unattractive bathroom. Although bathroom is used for bathing, your bathroom should be designed nicely. Bathroom decoration is an important point to make a beautiful bathroom interior. There are many things that can be used for bathroom decoration.… Read More »

3 Modest Ideas For Cheap Bathroom Decorating

Bathroom decorating project doesn’t need a big budget. There are cheap ideas to maximize your bathroom decorating. So, what can you do? This article only focuses on three things such as shower curtains, extra storage and illusion space. Shower curtains Replacing old shower curtain can boost your bathroom design. The price of shower curtains is… Read More »

Bathtub: The Main Bathroom Fixture

Hello everybody, how many times do you take a bath in a day? Normally, you have to take a bath twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Taking a bath aims not only to clean your body, but also it can refresh your mind. When you get tired due to a lot… Read More »

3 Cheap & Reasonably Priced Ideas For Bathroom Countertops

Are you looking the best countertops for your bathroom? Many options are available, from the cheapest to the most expensive. Budget always become a huge problem, so many homeowners choose something cheap without ignoring the quality. You may consider cheap ideas for bathroom countertops below! Tile countertops Countertops made of tiles become popular recently. Two… Read More »